Baystate working to make the game safer for our kids

UpdatedWednesday November 3, 2021 byBaystate conference.


In an effort to make the game safer for our children, the Baystate Conference
has adopted the below rule changes for the 2019 season:

2019 Baystate Kick off rule

First 3 quarters NO KICKOFFS. Ball is placed on 35 yard line. Fourth quarter rules; if the losing team is within 2 scores (16 points):

The kicking (losing) team announces they are trying an onside kick. Onside kicks are almost never a surprise anyway. Once the losing team has taken that option the winning team is also allowed to announce an onside kick should the losing team close the gap to one score. If during the fourth quarter the game becomes a 3 score game kick offs are placed on the 35 yard line in accordance with the first 3 quarters.

If a team declares an onside kick and does not onside kick, the ball will be moved to the 20 yard line. 35 yard line and 15 yard penalty and the coach is given a warning. If a team violates this rule a second time the coach is suspended for one game

2019 Kick Off Rule.docx
2019 Kick Off Rule.pdf